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Science Week

Monday,18th - 22nd March 2019

Years 7 – 11 are encouraged to enrich their Science education where ever possible. During the annual Science Week, quizzes and science exhibitions are run to challenge students to think of novel ways to complete a task (this could be through designing a bridge out of paper to trying to keep a model in the air for as long as possible).

Students in Year 10 will each do a presentation on a scientific topic of their choice. To complete this task, they will be required to research a science related topic of their choice and discuss their ideas with the audience, in a power point presentation.

There would also be science trips to Power generation plants and the Accra centre for nuclear science; as well as a science forum with some invited scientists in attendance.

Upcoming Events

March 5
Careers Day

WestLands Blvd

March 18-22
Science Week

WestLands Blvd

March 29
Sports Day

WestLands Blvd

April 22-26
Sec 1 Checkpoint Exams

WestLands Blvd

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