CIE – IGCSE 2018

This year marks a significant milestone for us, we entered our first ever candidates for the IGCSE. It was a small group of 6 and being our first time, we did our best to get them very well prepared. We wish them the best of luck

The final paper is on the 5th of June. We expect all of them to do very well in the exam and return in September as our first sixth form students. Results are expected in the third week of August.

IGCSE Results 2017/2018

Candidates English Literature Biology Chemistry Physics Mathematics Geography French Art ICT
Candidate1 A A A* A* A A A A B A*
Candidate2 B A* A A A B A A A -
Candidate3 A A* A A B C B B B -
Candidate4 A B A A B B B B - B
Candidate5 B A B B C C B C - B
Candidate6 C B C B C C C C - B